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Brief CV of Dr. Pinnamaneni Bhanu Prasad


Post-Doctoral research, University of Caen, France, Feb 87 – Aug 89
Ph.D. in Engineering (Image processing), Andhra university, Waltair, India, 1985
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics (Computer programming), Andhra university, India, 1977
PG Diploma in Applied statistics, Andhra university, Waltair, India, 1977 French Diploma in Project Management, Conflict Management French Diploma in Mountaineering, High altitude trekking, First aid

Applications of Business Analytics, Autonomous vehicles
Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Virtual labs
Machine Vision, Image Analysis, Mathematical Morphology
Hearing for deaf (Bone conduction), Sight for blind (AR Spects)
Imaging Applications: Food, Traffic analysis, Pharma, Automobile
3-D Imaging: Robot Vision, Online shopping, Metrology
Telecom: Web based Billing systems; Mobile applications
High altitude Mountaineering Guide (French Alps, Himalayas)


40 years of Teaching, Research and Industrial experience.
Worked in 15 countries (France, U.K., Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Latvia, USA, Argentina, and India).
Invented first Telecommunication InterCarrier system and modelled for European countries
Commercial negotiations, Project proposals and execution
Expertise in Industry academic interaction. Model developed in Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Chennai.
Experience in Professional Services such as Mentoring, Teaching, Research, Market Survey, product definition, pre-sales, deployment, customer relations and project management.
Specialized in Valorisation of research and bridging gap between industry and academic.
Development of core team in academic institutions to build technical assets.
Defining and execution of Curriculum based on current and immediate future of industry/Society.
Project Management with small to large teams concentrated or scattered over countries.
Products redefined along with Skill development, training and quality for Inclusive Manufacturing


Advisor member, Gujarat Higher and Technical Education: Student Startup and Innovation policy
Advisor member, APS council for Higher education: Redefining Engineering Curriculum
Advisor member, APS council for Higher education: Innovation, CSR, R&D, International relations
Advisor member, APS council for Higher education: Industry Academic interaction
Adviser for technology companies (Telecom, Automobile, Pharma) in Europe and India
Advisor for Academic organizations for introducing future technology
Dealing with International, multi-national, multi-cultural Telecom and industry customers.
Extensive experience in design, development and implementation algorithms.
Team leader for the development of the products (OOP, C++, Java, Cloud, IoT):
mvImpact; Aphelion; Visilog; Fenestra, Morpho-3D; Vedic Jyotish; MindMap
Several publications on Mathematical Morphology, image processing for industrial applications
Machine Vision, Augmented reality, Mixed Reality, 3-D image analysis, Autonomous Vehicles
Future Technology: Beacon Marketing, Virtual reality, Bone conduction, Agriculture Technology
First Product definition for Inter-Carrier settlements. First proposed Web-based billing system.
Optimisation of Mobile networks in European Telecom (Tele2).


Awarded with "Academic Award of Excellence" at Additive Manufacturing Technology-AM 2013, for contribution to academic, industrial relationship in Quality control.
Included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2014 Edition (31st Edition)
Life Member of AMSI (Additive Manufacturing Society of India).
Life Member of CSI (Computer Society of India).
Chair person in more than 200 international seminars and conferences.
Keynote speaker in international seminars and conferences in France, USA, U.K., India.
First Product definition for Inter-Carrier settlements in Telecommunications.
First proposed Web-based billing system for Telecommunications.
Chair the round table conference to draft Telecom InterCarrier regulations.

Career Highlights

Director (R&D), Kelenn Technology, France, USA, India: 3-D Printing
Chief Mentor, Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd, India ( Diamond
Chief Mentor, Jekson Vision, USA, Dubai, India: Pharmaceutical
Chief Mentor, Shubham Automation, USA, Dubai, India: Automation
Advisor, Appasamy Associates, Chennai, India: Ophthalmology
Visiting Professor, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India: Machine Vision
Visiting Professor, Vishnu college of Engineering, India: Dental and Pharma AR
Visiting Professor, Paavai University, India: Virtual Labs
Visiting Scientist, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India: Data Science
Trekking Guide, AVF, Antony, France: Mountain trekking
Asia market Development Manager, Matrix Vision, Germany: Camera design
Applications Manager, Matrix Vision France, France: Machine Vision
Director, Professional services – Savera Systems Inc: Telecom
Senior Manager - Savera Systems Incorporated: Web based billing
Consultant, Tele2 AB, Sweden: Mobile communications
Technical Director, ADCIS SA, France: Imaging Software; Microscopy
Software engineer, Noesis, France: Imaging Software; Cancer Research
Technical manager, Confocal Technologies Ltd, England: MRI; Comfocal Microcpe
Director of research, CNRS, France: Identify Thirst areas in French Industry
Technical Manager, I.I.T, Kharagpur, SPOT, Setellite, Natural resources Database

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